57th Festival de Cannes (2004)
- Official Competition

29th Toronto International Film Festival (2004)
- Official Selection

37th Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival (2004)
- Orient Express Casa Asia Award for Best Asian Film

8th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (2004)
- Special Jury Mention for Outstanding Artistic Achievement

31st SIGGRAPH (2004)
- Electronic Theater Official Screening (Festival Sequence)

25th Japan SF Grand Prize (2004)
- Grand Prize winner

10th AMD Award: Digital Contents of the Year (2004)
- Grand Prize
- Best Music Composer: Kenji Kawai

19th Digital Content Grand Prix (2004)
- Hit Content Division: Grand Prix

9th Animation Kobe (2004)
- Best Theatrical Film Award

32nd Annie Awards (2005)
- Best Animated Feature (nominated)
- Best Animated Effects: Hisashi Ezura (nominated)
- Directing in a Feature: Production Mamoru Oshii (nominated)
- Music in a Feature Production: Kenji Kawai (nominated)

4th Tokyo Anime Awards (2005)
- Best Feature Film
- Best Original Work: Shirow Masamune
- Best Screenplay: Mamoru Oshii
- Best Character Design: Hiroyuki Okiura