Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver selected for Venice 2018

Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver in the Official Selection of Venice 2018

July 25, 2018

The Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver VR content directed by Hiroaki Higashi is part of the Official Selection at the 75th Venice Film Festival, to be held in Venice, Italy from August 29 to September 8, 2018. Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver has been invited to screen in the Best of VR programme, as part of the newly created Venice Virtual Reality section of the festival.

Established in 1932, the Venice Film Festival is the world's oldest ongoing film festival, and it is considered one of the Three Big Festivals in the world along with Cannes and Berlin. The aim of the Festival is to raise awareness and promote international cinema in all its forms as art, entertainment and as an industry, in a spirit of freedom and dialogue.

For further information, please check the 75th Venice Film Festival official website:

Ghost in the Shell: Virtual Reality Diver is available through smartphones in English and Japanese. Check the official website for more information:

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Watch the trailers here (Japanese only):
Normal version:

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I.G Store Opens in Tokyo April 16

March 24, 2016

Production I.G is thrilled to announce the opening of its very first official store on April 16th, 2016 at Shibuya Marui's 7th Floor in Tokyo. From Kuroko's Basketball, Psycho-Pass, Haikyu!!, the Ghost in the Shell anime franchise, to the forthcoming series Joker Game; goods of your favourite characters from Production I.G's anime will be lining up, along with a bunch of I.G Store exclusive items!

The store will also reserve a space for exhibits like only an anime studio can offer, starting with an exhibit of key drawings from the popular anime series Kuroko's Basketball.

A half-size Logicoma will be on standby at the store, waiting for your visit!

To celebrate I.G Store's Grand Opening, for every purchase worth at least 2.000 yen you will receive a limited postcard of the grand opening original artwork, created by Isaak Chaykov and featuring characters from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in Shibuya Ward. The postcards are limited in number and will be offered while stock lasts, so be sure to get yours and find all nods to the series hidden in the picture!

Illustration by Isaak Chaykov. Design may change.

I.G Store official website: http://ig-store.jp/
I.G Store official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/igstore_jp

Store opening: April 16th 2016 (Sat) 11:00am
Address: 1-22-6 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0041
Shibuya Marui 7th Floor
Business hours: 11:00am to 9:00pm (closing at 8:30pm on Sunday and National Holidays)
(Check Shibuya Marui's website for occasional closing days)

Shibuya Marui official website

© Shirow Masamune•Production I.G/KODANSHA © Production I.G

Kick-Heart available on Vimeo on Demand and VHX.TV in USA and Canada

Kick-Heart available on Vimeo on Demand and VHX.TV

Masaaki Yuasa's award-winning short film, Kick-Heart is now available on Vimeo on Demand and VHX.TV for the United States of America and Canada.



Kick-Heart is a creative effort by award-winning Japanese animator Masaaki Yuasa, produced by an international team of professionals under the umbrella of Production I.G, and financed through the Kick Starter crowd-founding system.

Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?

© 2012 Masaaki Yuasa, Production I.G

Musashi featured in NHK World imagine-nation

June 19, 2009

Production I.G latest animated movie, Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai is featured in imagine-nation, the 30-minute weekly TV program about anime, manga and Japanese pop culture aired worldwide in English on NHK World channel.
Scriptwriter Mamoru Oshii, director Mizuho Nishikubo as well as animation supervisor Kazuchika Kise and director of photography Hisashi Ezura will take you to the production backstage of the movie!

Air Date:
June 23 (Tue), 2009, 23:30 - 00:00 (UTC)

June 24 (Wed)
03:30 - 04:00 (UTC)
07:30 - 08:00 (UTC)
11:30 - 12:00 (UTC)
15:30 - 16:00 (UTC)
19:30 - 20:00 (UTC)

Check NHK World official website for more info:

NHK World can be seen in almost every country. Check here how to watch NHK World in your area:

About Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai
The creative team of Ghost in the Shell, Innocence and The Sky Crawlers resurrects the legendary swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi on the big screen! Maverick filmmaker Mamoru Oshii is the mastermind behind the original concept for this project, in collaboration with top-notch studio Production I.G.
Miyamoto Musashi (c. 1584-1645) was an unrivalled swordsman who became renowned through stories of his distinctive style and excellent swordsmanship in numerous duels. He wrote a master treatise on military strategy, The Book of Five Rings and sought the way to enlighten his spirit and cultivate his mind. But could his image have been fabricated by the generations that followed...?
Mamoru Oshii has taken on an unusual portrayal of this legendary, multifaceted and controversial character, between spectacular duels and a tragic life in pursuit of greatness in the days when internal wars in Japan had virtually ended.
Oshii long-time collaborator, Mizuho Nishikubo directs the movie, cleverly combining 2D and 3D animation with different narrative styles, and dedicating specific attention to the music, in a mesmerizing east-meets-west fusion of sounds.
Musashi: The Dream of the Last Samurai premiered in Japan on June 13, 2009 and has been selected for the 62nd Film Festival Locarno.

About imagine-nation
Comics, Anime and Games are now a globally popular form of entertainment from Japan. This 30 minute magazine program features Japan's ranking of the most popular titles from each genre. The program also has long interviews with Japan's top creators, as well as delivering information on upcoming related events.

© 2009 Production I.G / Musashi Production Committe